This is the bite size course to learn Data Analysis using Microsoft Excel fasts. This course will use CRISP DM MOdel, and we will go through Data Understanding (Data Visualizations, Statistics, Data ANlaysis) and Data Preparation (Remove Mssing values, remove duplicates) using Mcirosoft Excel.  

You will need to know some COmputer knowledge before learning this course and you need to know Microsoft Excel before learning also. You can learn Microsoft Excel at my course "Learn Microsoft Excel Basics Fast". 

You can take the course as follow and you can take an exam at EMHAcademy to get SVBook Advance Certificate in Microsoft Office and Data Analysis with Excel:

- Learn Microsoft Word Basics Fast

- Learn Microsoft Powerpoint Basics Fast

- Learn Microsoft Excel Basics Fast

- Learn Data Aalysis using Microsoft Excel Basics Fast.


  1. Getting Started

  2. Download Dataset

  3. Read CSV

  4. Data Mining Process

  5. INsert Lien CHart

  6. INsert Bar Chart

  7. INsert Pie CHart

  8. INsert Scatterplot

  9. INsert Combo Chart

  10. Pivot Table

  11. INsert Pivot Table and Pivot Chart

  12. Data Analysis Plugins

  13. Data Analysis PLugins 2

  14. Descriptive Statistics

  15. Histogram

  16. Correlation

  17. Covariance

  18. TTest Two Samples Paired for means

  19. TTest Two Samples Equal Variances

  20. TTest Two Samples Unequal Variances

  21. F Test Two Samples for Variances

  22. ANOVA Single Factor

  23. ANOVA Two Factor WIthout Replication

  24. Regression ANalysis

  25. Remove Duplicates

  26. Remove Missing

  27. Sort Data

  28. Filter DAta