This course includes exam only. 

SVBook Certified Data Miner using Python are given to people who have completed the following courses: 

- Create Your Calculator: Learn Python Programming Basics Fast (Python Basics)

- Applied Statistics using Python with Data Processing (Data Understanding and Data Preparation)

- Advanced Data Visualizations using Python with Data Processing (Data Understanding and Data Preparation, in future)

- Machine Learning with Python (Modeling and Evaluation)

and passed a 50 questions Exam. The four courses are created to help learner understand about Python programming basics, then applied statistics (descriptive, inferential, regression analysis) and data visualizations (bar chart, pie chart, boxplot, scatterplot matrix, advanced visualizations with seaborn, and Plotly interactive charts ) with data processing basics to understand more about the the data understanding and data preparation stage of IBM CRISP DM model. Learner will then learn about machine learning and confusion matrix, which is the modeling and evaluation stages of the IBM CRISP DM model. 

Learner will be able to do data mining project after learning the courses. 

JUST $18.90