This is the bite size course to learn R Programming for Data visualizations. In CRISP DM data mining process, Data Visualization is at the Data Understanding stage. This course also covers Data processing, which is at the Data Preparation Stage. 

You will need to know some R programming, and you can learn R programming from my "Create Your Calculator: Learn R Programming Basics Fast" course.  You will learn R Programming for applied statistics and you will be able

You can take the course as follows, and you can take a exam at EMHAcademy to get SVBook Certified Data Miner using R certificate : 

- Create Your Calculator: Learn R Programming Basics Fast (R Basics)

- Applied Statistics using R with Data Processing (Data Understanding and Data Preparation)

- Advanced Data Visualizations using R with Data Processing (Data Understanding and Data Preparation, in future)

- Machine Learning with R (Modeling and Evaluation)


  1. Getting Started

  2. Getting STarted

  3. Getting Started

  4. Hello World Application

  5. Data Mining Process

  6. Download Dataset

  7. Read Dataset

  8. Bar Plot

  9. Export Bar CHart as Image

  10. Horizontal Bar Chart

  11. Histogram

  12. Histogram with Density Line

  13. LIne Chart

  14. Multiple Line Chart

  15. Pie Chart

  16. 3D Pie Chart

  17. Scatterplot

  18. Boxplot

  19. Scatterplot Matrix

  20. GGPlot 2

  21. Aesthetic Mapping and Geometric

  22. GEometrics

  23. Labels and Titles

  24. Themes

  25. GGPlot2: Bar CHart

  26. GGPlot2: HIstogram

  27. GGPlot2: Density Plot

  28. GGPlot2: Scatterplot

  29. GGPLot2: Line Chart

  30. GGPLot2: BoxpLot

  31. Save GGPLot Image

  32. Data Processing: Select Variables

  33. Data Processing: Sort Data

  34. Data Processing: Filter Data

  35. Data Processing: Remove Duplicates and Missing Values

JUST 13.99


This course is actually based on the Learn R for Applied Statistics book I have published at Apress.