This is the bite size course to learn Weka and Machine Learning. You will learn Machine Learning which is the Model and Evaluation of CRISP Data Mining Process. You will learn Linear Regression, Kmeans Clustering, Agglomeration Clustering, KNN, Naive Bayes, Neural Network in this course


  1. Getting Started

  2. Getting Started 2

  3. Data Mining Process

  4. Simple Linear Regression

  5. Regression in Weka

  6. KMeans Clustering

  7. KMeans Clustering in Weka

  8. Agglomeration Clustering

  9. Agglomeration Clustering in Weka

  10. Decision Tree: ID3 Algorithm

  11. Decision Tree in Weka

  12. KNN Classiifcation

  13. KNN in Weka

  14. Naive Bayes

  15. Naive Bayes in Weka

  16. What Algorithm to use?

  17. Model Evaluation

  18. Weka Advanced Attribute Selection

  19. Weka Advanced Data Visualizations

  20. Weka Model Selection and Deployment

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