DSTK - DataScience ToolKit 3 is a set of data and text mining softwares developed closely with the CRISP DM Model. DSTK 3 offers data visualization, statistical analysis, text analysis for Data Understanding stage, Normalization, and Text Preprocessing for Data Preparation Stage, Modeling, Evaluation, and Deployment with machine learning and statistical learning algorithms.  

This introduction course will instill you with data and text mining fundamentals using DSTK 3 software. 

This course is based on my ebooks at SVBook.



This course aim to equip the reader with Java programming, Text Mining, and Natural Language Processing fundamentals in a fast and practical way. There will be many examples and explanations that are straight to the point. You will develop your own Text Mining Application at the end course


1. Introduction 

2. Getting Started (Installing IDE, ...) 

3. Language Essentials I (variables, data types, ...) 

4. Language Essentials II (loops, if... else..., methods) 

5. Object Essentials (classes, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, ...) 

6. Text Mining Essentials (Import Text Files, Text Transformation (lowercase, stopwords), Text Understanding (Stanford NLP), Text Classification (Stanford Classifier) ) 

7. Conclusion 

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This course aims to cover the fundamentals of Python programming through real world examples, followed by a touch on Data Science. Python programming basics such as variables, data types, if statements, loops, functions, module, object and classes are very important and this course will try to teach these with a Console Calculator project. 

The course will than run through the popular data mining libraries like pandas, matplotlib, scipy, sklearn briefly on iris dataset to do data manipulation, data visualizations, data exploration with statistics (inferential and descriptives), model and evaluation. 

You do not need to know programming for this course.  

This course is based on my ebooks at SVBook.

JUST $13.99